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We offer one of the most complete training courses. You can start to Learn Iron Palm Online today. You will also find lots of great information on this website.

Iron Palm is a traditional method of conditioning the hands that is found in almost all authentic and traditional styles of Chinese Kung Fu. Iron Palm is not a style of kung fu or a style of fighting. It is a very effective method of conditioning the hands.

If you practice any martial arts, practicing Iron Palm can take your practice to another level.

Sifu Fick Practicing
Sifu Fick Practicing

Sifu Fick has dedicated his life to practicing and preserving traditional chinese kung fu and has been teaching since 1993

Sifu Fick created this Online Course for Iron Palm because he wanted to preserve some of the traditional Iron Palm methods passed down to him. At first this course was only available to students at Spirit Dragon Institute. But now the course is available to everyone.

Most of the Iron Palm methods in this course are from the Ng ga Kuen system of southern Shaolin which was brought to the west by legendary Grandmaster Ark Wong. Sifu Fick's main teacher in Ng Ga Kuen was a student of Grand Master Ark Wong and also a teacher at Ark Wong's school in Los Angeles for many years. This is rare traditional training that you won't be able to find somewhere else.

A common misconception about Iron Palm is that you just hit the hands, that the goal is to deaden the nerves and make the hand harder, that through training the hand will become dead and hard like a hammer. THIS IS COMPLETELY WRONG!

Training should not deaden the nerves or harden the hand. When done properly, the hand should not experience any change or deformation. Through training the hand will become stronger. But at the same time, sensitivity and mobility should not be compromised. They should actually be enhanced. Usually, the only noticeable change will be that the hands will have better circulation and might seem a little inflated (or puffy) with Qi (internal energy) and blood.

In our online course we cover both External and Internal Methods of practicing Iron Palm. In reality all methods train the internal energy. That is why even the external methods of training (like striking an Iron Palm Bag) are more then just hitting the hand to make it harder. The true purpose of striking the hand is to stimulate the internal energy.

This external stimulation can bring faster progress in obtaining Iron Palm. The pure Internal Methods (that we also teach in our course) also stimulate the Qi (internal energy) and blood to achieve Iron Palm. But this training can take a little longer to achieve the full results of the training.

The Internal and External Methods of Iron Palm can also be combined together. We also cover this in our Online Training Course.

Another misconception is that this type of training is a secret. In the past it is true that this type of training was usually not shared. Mainly because, in a time when you might have to fight to survive, it would be smart to have the advantage of Iron Palm. Today, there is not much need to develop Iron Palm as a means of daily survival. Fighting is not common place in everyday society anymore.

Some people might think that Iron Palm Training is difficult or complicated. Actually that is not the case. Yes, it is more then just hitting the hand. But, it is not complicated. The most difficult thing is that you have to do it consistently.

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