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This site is a sub-site of Spirit Dragon Institute and focuses on Iron Palm Training. Specifically you will find information on Iron Palm and information about our Online Iron Palm Training Course on this website.

Sifu Franklin Fick

Sifu Franklin Fick

Sifu Franklin Fick has been teaching Martial Arts since 1993 and is the founder and head instructor of Spirit Dragon Institute. Sifu Fick also has a Master's degree in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

He started training Iron Palm in 1997. He created this course to help preserve the Iron Palm Training Methods of the Ng Ga Kuen system of Southern Chinese Kung Fu that was brought to the US by legendary Grandmaster Ark Wong. The online course covers both the external training methods of striking a bag but also the Internal Methods of training which are rare.

In addition to thoroughly learning the Iron Palm Methods of the Ng Ga Kuen system, Sifu Fick has also had the opportunity to exchange information with other practitioners and discuss Iron Palm Training Methods from different teachers. This research, combined with his own training, has given him an understanding of the training that not many other individuals have, if any.

He realized that there are many methods of training that are lost today. His teachers described obscure methods like standing waist deep in water and striking the water to create certain splash patterns. Or, dangerous methods which take several layers of skin off the hands and then use special herbal medicines to regrow the tissue. Some of his teachers, who were born in pre-communist China, had decided to no longer teach their Iron Palm Training methods to students. Because of his close relationship with these teachers and their knowledge of his previous training, they discussed aspects of the training with him. These teachers saw no reason to teach modern people these methods. The herbal formulas they had included exotic ingredients that can not ethically be used in the modern world, like bear paws, eagle talons, and tiger claws.

He also realized that many practitioners who did practice Iron Palm had only learned the first parts of the Bag Training method. Almost no one had learned or was familiar with the Internal Methods of Iron Palm Training.

He put together this comprehensive course to preserve the Iron Palm Methods of Ng Ga Kuen. To make sure that they did not become lost. To allow people interested in the training to get accurate and complete information.

Spirit Dragon Institute has been offering Online Instruction since 2010. We did not just move our classes online recently. We know what we are doing and have years of experience doing it.

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