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Iron Palm

Learn Iron Palm Online - Complete Training Course

We have one of the most complete Iron Palm Training Courses available today. 

This course covers 4 complete Iron Palm training methods. It contains everything you need to know, every detail, and all the advanced levels. 

Over 4 Hours of Instruction

The 4 Complete Iron Palm Training methods covered in this course:

3 Level Bag Training Iron Palm Method

3 Level Bag Training Method

Learn how to make a bag and bag stand, how to make Iron Palm Liniment - we give you the formula (I don't think anyone else does that), learn every component in the training routine of hitting the bag, learn the theory behind the practice, learn all the advanced levels, and learn how to combine the Bag Method with the Qigong Method.

Iron Palm Qigong Training Method

Iron Palm Qigong Training Method

This is a set of Iron Palm Breathing exercises that use dynamic tension. This set produces Iron Palm by itself, but it can be combined with the Bag Method.

Hun Yuan Zhang Internal Iron Palm

Hun Yuan Zhang - Internal Iron Palm Method

This is a stand alone Internal practice to develop Iron Palm. It is completely soft and relaxed.

Iron Palm Pai Da Set

Iron Palm Pai Da Set

In this set you condition the hands by striking them together in different ways. This set can be done by itself to develop Iron Palm or you can use it to supplement any of the other training in the course (if you do it at a different training time).

Plus you also learn:

Iron Palm Supplementary Exercises

Supplementary Exercises

These are exercises to strengthen the hands, grip, and forearms.

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Why would you want to learn this much?

The variety of training methods offered in this course will give you a complete and thorough understanding of Iron Palm Training and allow you to pick the method of training that best fits your goals, interests, time available, and the martial art you study. You should not try to train all the methods offered in this course together. They are stand alone methods. (The exception is that the Bag Method and the Qigong Method can be trained together.) An additional benefit of learning different methods is that over time, when you enter different stages of your life or training, one method might be a better fit for your current situation. 

Authentic Traditions of Iron Palm Training

Sifu Franklin Fick

As a student of this course you can be confident in the material. The first 3 Iron Palm methods were passed down by legendary Grandmaster Ark Wong of the Ng Ga Kuen system. Sifu Fick's main teacher in the Ng Ga Kuen system was a direct student of Grandmaster Ark Wong and an instructor in Ark Wong's school and continued to teach at the school after Ark Wong passed away. The 4th set of Iron Palm training (the Pai Da Set) comes from one of Sifu Fick's internal kung fu teachers in Taiwan.

Sifu Fick has been teaching Martial Arts since 1993 (28 years now) and has been offering online lessons since 2010 (11 years now). Rest assured we know what we are doing when it comes to online instruction. Unlike some other people who rushed to move their classes online recently, we have been doing this for a long time.

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Complete Iron Palm Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to Iron Palm Training
  • Overview of Iron Palm Training
  • Cautions and Contraindications
  • Direct Method - 3 Level Bag Training
    • Introduction to Bag Training
    • Making the Bag and Bag Stand
    • Making Iron Palm Liniment and Formula
    • Overview of the Bag Training Method
    • Liniment Massage
    • Dragon Whips Tail
    • Striking the Bag
    • Ending Practices
    • Complete Training Routine
    • Advanced Levels
    • More Clarification on Theory and Material
    • Training the Qigong Method and the Bag Method Together
  • Indirect Method - Qigong Training Method
    • Introduction to the Qigong Method
    • Dynamic Tension
    • Qigong Requirements
    • Exercise 1
    • Exercise 2
    • Exercise 3
    • Exercise 4
    • Exercise 5
  • Hun Yuan Zhang - Primordial Palm Internal Iron Palm Method
    • Introduction to Hun Yuan Zhang
    • Stances
    • Exercises
    • Repetitions
    • Meditation
    • Theory
    • Review
  • Iron Palm Pai Da Set
    • Introduction to Pai Da Set
    • Stance and Body Wave
    • Exercises
  • Supplementary Exercises

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P.S. We have been offering Online Classes since 2010. We did not just move our classes online recently like many people did. We know what we are doing and we have years of experience doing it.